About Me

Martin Mayer-Krebs
Quantitative Developer

In addition to having an academic background in economic modeling and financial engineering, I have years of industry experience working as a quantitative developer.

I enjoy creating educational resources in my free time. Sometimes I even consider these to be good enough to share with the community.


The world’s first end-to-end stock market tool with  Backtesting Engine created for Excel 

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Sample Strategies


AI Avisor

We’ve partnered with OpenAI to leverage the capability of Large Language Models to interpret and analyze your backtest results. 

Historical Stock Prices

Getting your ands on reliable asset pricing data has always been an issue. BacktestXL solves this once and for all by allowing you to quickly fetch up-to-date historical data in a matter of seconds. 

Alternative Data

We’ve partnered with multiple data vendors to allow our users to easily implement strategies that use alternative time series, such as economic recession forecasts, retail estimates, employment data, and vehicle sales, amongst many other potential sources of alpha.

Technical Indiators and Candlestick Patterns

We’ve developed the most reliable candlestick pattern recognition algorithms. This allows users to rigorously implent the strategies that are otherwise only traded in a discretionary fashion.

Industry-Grade Backtesting

BacktestingXL features a state-of-the-art backtesting engine that you can use within Excel. The level of detail of the reports are second to none.

Our Plans

I’m currently offering aggressive discounts to early adopters. At the time being, I prioritize user feedback over monetization. Make sure to register before the end of the month!

BacktestXL Lite

Enough for most users

  • Basic Reporting
  • Basic Backtest Modeling
  • Technical Indicators
  • Historical Prices
  • Limited Historical Alternative Data
  • Basic Candlestick Plotting
BacktestXL Pro
38 24 .99

Perfect for quant-oriented traders